Ecology and Environment


Ceia devotes special attention to the Ecology sector.

With the connected undertaking, Safond-Martini Ecoprojects, CEIA is able to develop projects that have high ecological value for the remediation of contaminated sites and waters, the treatment and disposal of industrial waste and environmental protection in general.

Ceia has also signed a collaboration agreement with EcoNanotech

(, a company operating in the field of nanotechnology applied to the environment and producer of RECAM, a recently discovered nanostructured element, whose immediate use is in cleaning up solids and liquids by removing the hydrocarbons and other toxic and harmful products in them. Ceia’s role is to promote and market Recam, both through the development of specific projects with high environmental value as well as leveraging the synergy with Safond-Martini Ecoprojects.

In this way, Ceia has, for example, defined an operating partnership with a primary national operator to test RECAM by depolluting the territorial waters from hydrocarbons.